Light, site and the body are the raw materials of my practice. My work spans various media including film, installation, and photography. Using projection, I challenge the relationship between the passage of light through space and the image which is latent in that light, waiting to be revealed when the light meets a surface. I am fascinated by the paradox of light as the medium of visibility which is itself invisible, and explore this by working with luminosity itself as a three-dimensional, energetic presence which approaches materiality. The embodied experience of the viewer is an essential consideration in the development of my work. The visualisation of light seeks to cause a reflexive turning back of perception upon itself, creating a heightened awareness of ones own senses.

Diverse texts inform my practice, from philosophical works by Irigaray, Merleau-Ponty and Lyotard, to mystical writings drawn from Hinduism, Buddhism and Daoism. Architectural references also play a significant role, whether as a starting point for site-specific pieces, or as influences which inform my work structurally. Many of my architectural inspirations are of a personal nature, drawing on spaces which have been inhabited by myself or by my family. Through my own experience of architectural spaces, I investigate liminality and the threshold, but also concepts of interior and exterior which surround it. This pair of binaries recur in my work as mutually exclusive and yet mutually dependent, existing only through their relationship with the other. 


Selected Exhibitions and Performances 

  • until you became me, July 2019, House Mill, London

  • until you became me, St Mary’s Mill, Stroud, UK

  • Loving What is Broken, 29th July 2018, Tenjinyama Studio, Sapporo, Japan

  • Liminal Mass, 1st February 2018, Bow Arts, London

  • Skein, 12th January 2018, Jersey Opera House, Jersey

  • Within the Horizon, May 2017, Hedmark Museum, Hamar, Norway

  • Berfrei, August 2016, St John on Bethnal Green, London

  • Meeting in Two Circles, June 2016, SeMa Nanji, Seoul, South Korea

  • We are always several at once, March 2016, Safehouse 1, Peckham, London

  • Aestivation, June 2015, The Annexe, Elthorne Road. London

  • Granfalloon, May 2015, Central Saint Martins, London

  • Sea Beasts and Marsh Monsters, November 2014, T-A-P, Southend-on-Sea

  • Big Space III, October 2014, Central Saint Martins, London

  • Tomorrow Today, March 2014, The Bargehouse, London

  • Come Closer, June 2013, Kensington and Chelsea College, London

  • Come, March 2013, Kensington and Chelsea College, London


  • Tenjinyama Studio, Sapporo, Japan, May - July 2018

  • Chateau Vermont, (ArtHouse Jersey) , Jersey, January 2018

  • Trelex Amazon, Peru, November 2017

  • Chateau Vermont, (ArtHouse Jersey) , Jersey, January 2017

  • SeMa Nanji (Seoul Museum of Art), Seoul, South Korea, April - June 2016

  • Tareq Rajab Museum, Kuwait, April 2012


  • 2013 - 2015: MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins

  • 2012 - 2013: HNC Fine Art, Kensington and Chelsea College

  • 2006 - 2009: BA(hons) Study of Religions, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London